Friday, 18 June 2010

Rainy running

I realised as I drove to the Downs tonight, under black skies with spitting rain hitting my windscreen, that I might be about to get wet. I wasn't going to turn around and drive home again - I was committed to a run this evening.

As I got out of the car, it started to shower. It was actually quite nice and refreshing on such a muggy day, and I felt good. I'm trying to run at about a 6min per km pace at the moment, today was a 7km run. As I got soggier, I still felt good, like a bit of a martyr!! So dedicated to the cause that I chose to run in what by now was torrential rain.But after about 4km (when I ran back to my car to put the car key in my back pocket into a plastic bag) things started to feel a bit harder.

I was soaked through, all my clothes, my shoes, my socks. Water was dripping off my nose and eyelashes. It was still pouring with rain! But I got round, and it was a useful run. I suppose the weather could do anything for the half marathon - I need to be prepared for anything.

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