Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Music needed

Since my last post about running, I have been going out for two runs a week, adding 10 per cent distance each week. I go once a week to the Downs, and once up to Purdown - which is a nice change, even if it's a lot more hilly.

Today I did 5km up on Purdown which was great - a gorgeous sunny day but not too hot, and my legs felt good. Touch wood they will stay in good shape. So this week it was 10km - next week I'll add an extra 1km and bit by bit I'll get there.

One thing I'm getting a bit bored with though is my music - I have two playlists I alternate on my ipod for gym/running. I love the songs on them, but I've had them at least a year, adding the odd song every now and then. I like upbeat stuff, it can't be too slow, and although I don't mind a dance track I need a bit of a tune to keep me going.

My playlists include everything from Michael Jackson to Bloc Party, The Chemical Brothers to Take That (Never Forget never fails to make me pick up my pace!), Daft Punk to the Pussycat Dolls!! I like a good inspirational track, a good upbeat pop song, a dance track with a decent melody and any faster songs that I like to sing along to.

What's your favourite running track? I'd be really interested to know. If I get enough suggestions I'll make a new playlist and see how it goes!


  1. I had this same problem just before a race and didn't have much time to sort a play list etc, so I went for the easy option which was a collection of 5 CD's called 101 Running Songs, I don't like all the songs but for £8.99 it quite good buy.

  2. Try - workout songs organized by music genre and workout type - lots of running music. I like to run to hiphop so lately I've added
    * Cassidy & Swizz Beats. Henny & Bacardi.
    * Nicki Minaj ft. Sean Garrett. Massive Attack.
    * Ludacris. My Chick Bad & How Low.

  3. Well, admittedly I'm more of a cyclist than a runner. However, I find these tracks to be pretty conducive to getting "in the zone":

    Ozric Tentacles - Sun Hair
    Joe Satriani - Flying in a Blue Dream
    Paul Oakenfold - Ready, Steady, Go
    Raging Slab - Sorry's All I Got

    Varied in styles, and they may or may not work for you. I hope at least a couple help you out.

  4. thanks for all the suggestions! all helpful x