Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Treadmill boredom

There's no two ways about it. Running in the gym, staring at a blank wall - or, possibly worse, yourself in the mirror - is incredibly boring. At the moment it's too dark in the evenings still for me to go out on my own running, so the gym is the only option.

So tonight I thought I'd try and take some entertainment, and took some of the weekend papers' magazines along to read as I ran. It worked quite well when I warmed up on the cross trainer, a bit of Slummy Mummy and a Giles Coren restaurant review helped the time to pass by a bit quicker. But on the treadmill, the mags were basically a health hazard. I quickly discovered I couldn't read them while running - none of the words were focussed and I was starting to feel sick. And then about half way through they almost slipped off the treadmill console thing and would have tripped me up if I hadn't caught them in time.

In the end I resorted to imagining running the half marathon, and crossing the finish line several times, with different songs playing as I sprint-finished, with different people cheering at the end. It still felt like quite a long 30 minutes but I did it - and a good 30 minutes at that. I'm doing 9kmh pace now, so almost back up to my old pace of 10kmh. FINGERS CROSSED the foot feels fine, the knees are their usual creaky selves and the numb one just feels a bit confused - a mix of numbness and blood pumping all muddled up. But we're getting there...


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  2. glad your back on the move Emily. is it possible to read a book with largish print or find specific 'running mags' (not necessarily about running) to read whilst you run that have a good layout? maybe not. you can't beat a good ipod playlist for things like this i say! x