Saturday, 9 January 2010

The living hell that is Tesco Eastville

I was so proud of myself this morning. Determined not to be snowed in anymore, I managed to dig my car out and decided to go and do some shopping at Tesco Eastville. This snow wasn't going to stop me getting my olive oil and pasta, coconut milk and bagels. I don't normally mind it, even though it can be really busy. But today it was something else.

Apparently EVERYONE had had the same idea. I had to queue around the roundabout to get in. I had to queue to find a parking space. And then there were no trolleys to be found so I ended up dragging one from a remote corner of the car park across the snow. And I can confirm that trolleys do not get on well with snow. I wasn't even in there yet.

The real fun began as I got through the doors and into the throng of shoppers with their trolleys, children and indecision. I battled through the aisles and then queued for about 20 mins to pay, then queued to get out of the car park. I'm knackered - that's my workout for the day.

The flip side of my day - finding this icicle on bedroom window

*Correction - in my last blog I said that my friend Rory had been running a couple of hours to and from work, when in fact I misread a text message and it was a couple of MILES. Still, impressive...

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