Monday, 6 July 2009

Catch up

Where does the time go? Blogs have been piling up in my head unwritten so here's a bit of a summary of the last few weeks to get me up to date again.

Running is going ok, generally, although with lots of weekends away planned I am having to try and do my long runs mid week which can be a tight squeeze.

Interval training - I worked out a nice route round St Andrew's Park for my intervals, although it is a bit uphill/downhill. Did 4x400m sprints with 400m jog between, all good. Another guy out running I soon realised was doing exactly the same, in the opposite direction - so kept passing him and laughing.

I've done a few good fast treadmill runs including a 4mile one tonight - quite a good way to escape the heat outside. Keeping those nice and fast (by my standards!) to work on getting a good pace for the longer stints.

Talking about the heat we've had recently, I had a horrendous run last week when I went out after work to do a seven mile run around the harbourside. It was really hot, and I set out at my 10k race speed which was just too fast. So at 6km, I had to sit down for a few minutes because I felt about ready to pass out, but from there managed to keep going til the end, albeit at a much slower pace. Note to self: if it's hot, go slower!

Yesterday was the Cheltenham Race For Life which I ran with my mum, we did it in about 37 minutes, just taking it nice and slow. Rubbish 'track' though - incuding a couple of hundred metres on SAND and a lot on some really loose wooden chippings. We weren't impressed!

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