Saturday, 2 May 2009

Bristol 10k??

Earlier this week I decided it was crunch time for my decision on running the 10k in couple of weeks. So I ran for an hour solid at a steady pace, and worked out the distance on Google pedometer when I got home. It was make or break.

It felt good – the sun was out, but it was cool, and I had perfect energy levels after scoffing brownies and bananas all afternoon at work! I did about 35 minutes of it on pavements, which felt fine.

At about 35 minutes, my knees felt a bit creaky but not painful, so I pushed through. I was glad I did because at about 55 minutes I was feeling great – like I could just run and run. If the distance was good enough, I definitely felt fit enough to run the 10k.

It was lucky that I was feeling good, because I had to do that awful thing – having mistimed my run by about 5 minutes, I got home too early, and had to keep on going, past my turning. That took some doing – who would know if I just knocked a few minutes off?

Anyway. Looks like we’re on for the 10k – my run ended up being 9.7km. I’m now in talks with Matt and dad (both also running on the 10th) about maybe running it all together...

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  1. Well done on the run. Looks like you'll be in the 10k after all - yay!! And if it felt that good in training, imagine how cool it will be on race day with all the other runners around and the adrenaline pumping...