Monday, 30 March 2009


Are you sitting down? We have big news. My side project (alongside the whole running a half marathon in a few months) has been achieved, and MUCH earlier than expected. Yes, that’s right, tonight I TOUCHED MY TOES.

I expect your reaction might echo Matt’s (when I just informed him over the phone of my progress, he said: “And…? I’m touching my toes right now. Oh, you mean with your legs straight? Were they actually straight or were you cheating?”) but it’s good news for me.

The stretching has paid off. But it was the lovely Mrs Janisch’s advice which clinched it – “My advice on stretching to touch toes has worked with my ultra stiff limbs: stand with feet slightly apart, breathe in and roll down through your spine fairly slowly to floor as you breath out and then roll back up through spine to standing, holding in core. You don't have to stop when you get to the fingers-floor bit, keep it nice and fluid. Aim to do about 20 - at varying speeds and you'll notice after the first few that you can reach down further.”  She was right!

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