Tuesday, 31 March 2009

From french food to free weights

I got a bit carried away with the toe stuff last night and neglected to mention that I also did a very good run and launched back into my muscle strengthening programme yesterday evening at the gym.

I had been dreading the return to fitness after a week-long regime of Rosé, daube de boeuf and Italian ice creams, but surprisingly I enjoyed my 25 minutes on a one per cent incline at 9kmh, with a jazzy little 11kmh sprint at the end. Hell yeah. 

After I got back to gymming after the accident, and before I had my most recent op, I had a few personal training sessions with a legend of a guy called Dave at my gym (then Cannons on the Triangle, now Nuffield Health). He’s a great guy, really friendly and knows his stuff – and so he should after training Navy personnel for years and years previous to this job. Anyway, he was quick to tell me that although doing all the cardio is great and makes you feel good and fit etc, if you want to train for a sport (such as running) you really need to actively work on your muscle strength and tone too. Your muscles will obviously do a certain amount on their own if you run a lot, but for optimal performance and to reduce risk of injury you need to have a muscle strengthening regime too.

For obvious reasons, it was and is particularly essential for me to give my leg muscles an extra nudge along. So Dave sorted me out with a weights and core-strength programme which he updates whenever we meet again. I'm talking sit ups with added extras, the dreaded "plank", quick successions of reps of leg pressing, chest pressing, etc etc. Last night saw me return to the full set of exercises for the first time since the op in January, and I think I can safely say it hurt! 

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  1. Nothing beats a Boeuf en Daube with potatoes, carrots and a glass of French wine after gym ;)

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