Sunday, 1 February 2009

It seems I might be confusing some people who have taken the time to read my blog - so here's a quick clear up in case you count yourself as one of them.

Although I have been into hospital a few times, fortunately that is not because I have been unlucky enough to have more than one accident! Apologies to those of you who must have thought I was going through an even worse year than I actually have. It all followed the events of January 17, 2008, which meant that I had to have a series of operations on my legs. I only started this blog in December, almost a year on from the accident, so my posts are a mixture of looking back on what happened last year and looking at what is happening now. The ones about last year are introduced by their date, in an effort not to make it too confusing! Looking forward, this blog will also hopefully chart my progress as I train for the Bristol half marathon later this year.

This might be a good time to say thanks to everyone who has commented on here, or sent me messages in some other way, it's been good to hear from you and I hope you continue to read. I will try and keep it interesting, although it's hard to match some of last year's events such as the morphine hazes and crazy hospital patients. Feel free to comment on here - whether you have suggestions for my training (or, like Maud, want to come up with solutions such as "wear a head torch" for my stair descent issues!) or just want to say hi.

There is not much else to report - on Tuesday I have my next physio sessions when I am going to run the half marathon idea past Laura - fingers crossed she doesn't laugh in my face!

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