Saturday, 17 January 2009

One year on

It’s not really something to celebrate, but as the accident is now exactly 12 months in the past it is probably worth mentioning its ‘anniversary’. On this day, at this time on January 17, 2008, I was sitting in a job interview. Later I got on a train back into London, on the tube… and you know the rest.

But even thinking about this makes me think that maybe this day is worth being thankful for, in a strange way. I could have done without all the crap of course, and it hasn’t been easy for me or my family, but as countless people have predictably said to me since – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I think I’m a different person.

Also, if I think back and imagine this had never happened, I would have accepted the eventual job offer after the interview that day. I wouldn’t have been able to hold out long enough to wait until my current employers had a space to fill – and where I work now is where I really wanted to be. As it worked out, I got offered the Bristol job in about March, and started in May when my legs were just about up to scratch.I would never have started this blog, which I am really enjoying doing. I would never have got back in touch with old friends in Cheltenham who visited me as I lay bored and frustrated in bed.

And I would never have learnt so much about my body, health and fitness. Over the last year I have had contact with physios and personal trainers as I worked on rebuilding my leg muscles – and sorting the rest of me out. I’ve often felt over this year like I have the opportunity to start from scratch in building a ‘perfect’ body, starting with legs that could do nothing and turning them bit by bit into efficient and powerful limbs.

A year on, I still haven’t been back to Mile End. Maybe that’s something else to do in the months to come, before the next anniversary.

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